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This Tiny Scar Changed My Life

Hear our stories.

Erika Dean

Before After
260 Weight 155
2 Health Issues 0
Many Anxieties None
Always Hiding Out Never

Tim Jackson

Before After
475 Weight 287
9 Medications 4
Limited Mobility Full
Yes Back Pain No

Michelle Nauta

Before After
205 Weight 135
No Joy Yes
Yes Family Issues No
Never Physical Activity Daily

Kevin Niedwiecki

Before After
412 Weight 199
3 Health Issues 0
3 Medications 0
Yes Worried Family No

Sparrow Bariatrics is a better, safer, permanent weight loss solution that helps you live the life you deserve.

Decreases likelihood of diabetes, hypertension and cancer by 90%
Bariatric surgery is 99.8% safe**
85% effective in keeping the weight off ***
Access to a superstar support team for life 24/7

Bariatrics In A Nutshell



Once you’ve watched our online assessment video, our office will call to schedule your intake appointment.



We determine your candidacy for surgery after reviewing your full medical history, and will discuss any clearances you may need, which may include cardiology, hematology or endocrinology evaluation, or a sleep study.


Psychological Evaluation

The goal of the consultation is to ensure you have a full understanding of the commitment and motivation necessary to commit to the lifestyle changes following surgery.


Pre-surgery consultation

Lab work and medical clearances are completed, as well as meetings with our registered dietitian and exercise specialist to create the foundation to ensure success following surgery.



Once required clearances are completed, you’ll meet your surgeon, agree upon a date, and begin your meal replacement plan, which will begin your weight loss and enhance surgery outcomes.



Following surgery, you’ll recover in our specialty hospital unit with our bariatric-trained nursing staff.


Post Op Support

You’ll have regular follow-up appointments with our bariatric specialists to help keep you on track, plus ongoing lifelong access to our registered dietitian and support groups.

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What You Need to Know About Bariatrics

Learn About The Myths & The Truths

Although Bariatric surgery has been around for over a generation, most people don’t know much about it, and there are many common misconceptions that prevent people from doing the one thing that can bring them lasting health – and perhaps even save their lives. We are here to set the record straight once and for all.

Myth 1

Eat less and exercise more.

Truth: Obesity isn’t caused just by overeating and a lack of self-control, but through a complex condition of multiple genetic, biologic, metabolic, behavioral, social, economic and cultural factors.

Myth 2

Bariatric surgery is dangerous.

Truth: For the obese, the risk of death from surgery is considerably less than if you don’t get the surgery. Bariatric surgery results in an 89% reduction in mortality, with significant decreases in cancer, diabetes, heart disease and the need for medications.

Myth 3

Bariatric surgery is the easy way out.

Truth: The surgery is over in a day, but the level of commitment required leading up to it – and the lifetime commitment required after it, means there’s absolutely nothing easy about it. We understand that fact, which makes us excellent coaches who are serious about our ongoing responsibility to ensure your success. 

Myth 4

Obese people are unmotivated to lose weight.

Truth: While carrying excessive weight is a burden, Bariatric Patients are among the most self-aware and informed. On average, they’ve researched and considered Bariatric surgery for some time before proceeding. 

Myth 5

Most people gain the weight back after surgery.

Truth: Unlike popular diet programs, our program provides you with the team, and the tools you need, to be successful and keep the weight off. Bariatric surgery doesn’t fail people, people fail themselves which is why you need a team to ensure your long-term success.

Myth 6

Bariatric surgery is expensive and isn’t covered by insurance.

Truth: Most insurances cover Bariatric surgery because they recognize obesity as a disease. Having surgery often has less out of pocket costs than many well-known diet programs – and the results can last a lifetime.

Myth 7

You can’t have children after weight loss.

Truth: On the contrary, Bariatric surgery actually leads to higher fertility rates and higher testosterone levels in men.

Myth 8

Bariatric surgery leaves a big scar.

Truth: Most procedures require several small incisions leaving a tiny scar which often fades over time.

Myth 9

You still need to take insulin and blood pressure medication after surgery.

Truth: After Bariatric surgery, 80% of people with diabetes and 60% with high blood pressure go into remission – which means no more medication.

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